As an independent artist what would you say is the greatest form of difficulty that an artist may be faced with? Prior to getting into the music industry, many artists are unaware of the fact that they will constantly be faced with hurry up and wait situations. For example, an artist may be rushing and working extremely hard to acquire a placement for a single or an album, but end up having to wait for the results they’ve been working so hard for. Sometimes, these results dont even come which is where I think a lot of artists and creatives get discouraged. Being In the music industry is hard work. As an artist you will be faced with late nights , long hours, rejection failure and success. Without a doubt, you definitely have to be built for it. Either you have what it takes to succeed or you don’t. Alot of people claim to be built for success but in the end actions will always speak louder than words

What piece of golden advice can you provide for our readers? Many of the toughest battles you are ever going to face in life will be within yourself. There will be times where pain seems unbearable but the greatest thing to do is to remain strong and remain in good faith. In the end self care and self love is vitally important in regards to living a fruitful life. One of the hardest for of truth to process is the truth in which the greatest enemy we will face in life is ourselves. Ultimately I’ve learned this all in the roughest of ways many years ago. The amount of strength required to cultivate a life of good truly goes beyond words. A vital lesson to remember is as you continue to journey through life the greatest gift that will always be at your disposal is your mind and your heart. Always do all you can to protect both 100% of the time.
What are your thoughts on the NBA Off season? To be brutally honest I was shaken up by the moves made by the clippers and Oklahoma City. To see Westbrook leave a team hes been with for so long truly caught me off guard. The Acquisition of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George seemed as if it happened out of no where which creates a ton of excitement. I am truly excited how the match ups between the lakers and the clippers progress. Another player I have a tremendous amount of respect for is Kemba walker. In my opinion I truly believe that he is one of the most underrated player in the NBA right now. I am saying that with the utmost respect for all players in the NBA. Each and every one of those guys puts in a tremendous amount of work to be great at their craft which is truly inspiring. I’m super excited for the season to start.
What keeps you going as an artist? the primary thing that fuels me is the inspiration that i am able to provide for others. As I told my friend Dalia Zambrano,
I see greater value in making people happy. In the end, you will be remembered more for the positive impact you have on this world
What is the biggest mistake an artist may make throughout the course of their career? One thing ive noticed is that many artists search for short term success without thinking of how each event may impact their career from a long term perspective. one thing i would advise artists to do is to try to see things from a greater perspective and think about how their lives will be impacted 5 or 10 years from the present moment

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Danger Zone- Heart of a champion
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