Recently you were casted as a background extra in season 2 of the critically acclaimed TV Show SKAM Austin. How does it feel to be a part of such an incredible production knowing that you were a part of Season 1 as well? Well to be brutally honest with you, I have nothing but positive things to say about the cast and crew involved with the show. I am absolutely thankful to have been blessed with the opportunity to be involved in such a fun project. Hopefully I am able to audition for a bigger role next season. I will most definitely keep my fingers crossed for that opportunity.

What are your thoughts on the recent success of the Toronto Raptors? I am thankful for them. I wish them nothing but the best in the FINALS. In addition to that they need to sign Chris Bosh to a 10 day contract and let him play this series
Other than your own what albums have you been listening to? On the line by my sister AdELA and N9na by Tech N9ne
Are you still working on your pain to purpose film Burning Roses? Yes at the moment Dalia Zambrano and I are creating a foundation for the film to be properly marketed. That way we can see the maximum amount of profitability from the film
Is there anything else you wish to say as we conclude this interview? Remain humble and ,always strive for greatness.
Here are a few links to my music 
Danger Zone – Finding Solace (Produced by J Cardim)
Danger Zone- Heart of a champion
Danger Zone- All that’s broken (Feat. AdELA)
Danger Zone- The Promise (Produced by J Cardim)
Danger Zone- Blinded by sorrow (Produced by DJ Pain 1)
Danger Zone- Family is forever (Feat. Rome Henderson)
Danger Zone- Hear my prayer (Feat. Djoir Jordan)
Danger Zone- Feel my pain (Feat. Curt Mcgurt)
Danger Zone- Life of an outcast
Danger Zone- Murder Weapon (Feat. M1sta Wyte)
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