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Chris Brown – 500 Wayz Feat. Young Lo & Young Blacc @chrisbrown


Chris Brown drops “500 WAYZ,” featuring Young Lo and Young Blacc.

Besides starting beefs and threatening other rappers and R&B singers with violence, Chris Brown also makes great music. The R&B rapper just dropped “500 WAYZ,” a hardcore banger for the new year. Then track features Young Lo and Young Blacc, two rappers who appeared on Before The Trap: Nights In Tarzania, Breezy’s collaboration mixtape with OHB.

“500 WAYZ” is a straight up rap song. Brown leaves the singing out of this one preferring to show off his lyrical skills and talent at crafting a memorable hook. As the rappers spit about their thug credentials, you can’t help but think that Breezy has completely gone to the dark side. And the more badass he looks, the better and more diverse his music sounds.