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Charli XCX – Lipgloss Feat. cupcakKe @charli_xcx


Listen to Charli XCX’s ultrasweet “Lipgloss.”


British pop artist Charli XCX has occasionally dabbled in hip hop, most notably on Ty Dolla $ign ‘s 2015 “Drop that Kitty” a song I predicted would be the song of the summer upon hearing it for the first time. (It was not.)Charli has just released Number 1 Angel, a “mixtape” serving as a prelude to her upcoming third studio album. The tape concludes with “Lipgloss,” an ultrasweet electronic track featuring a verse from the deliciously profane 19-year-old Chicago rapper cupcakKe. Believe it or not, this verse is actually tame by cupcakKe’s standards.