A little while back, Chance The Rapper used a few of his tour dates to throw some serious shade at record labels. Today (June 22), he’s used his Twitter account to issue an apology to Dr. Dre, whose Aftermath Entertainment label he satirized (he called it, Can’t Do Math Entertainment” during his shows a couple of months ago.

“I want to formally apologize to Dr Dre, and all of Aftermath for publicly disrespecting their hard work and contributions to music,” Chano wrote in his opening tweet on the matter. “When I went on the Be Encouraged tour I made LED content to satirize and degrade major labels.  made the mistake of including Imprints which not only dulled my overall point of trying to uplift artist…But also singled out artist-owned ventures that have only worked to progress the culture,” he continued in what would be an eight-tweet PSA.

Dr. Dre is one of hip-hop’s wealthiest men, and it’s true that he’s signed to Interscope records, which is pretty much the symbol of the sorts of big label control Chance has often spoken out against. But by founding his own record label and introducing the world to rappers like Eminem and 50 Cent, he’s more than made his mark in terms of showing rappers how they can take control of their own destiny—which is ostensibly what Chano’s all about.

By winning Grammy Awards for a project (Coloring Book) that wasn’t even for sale, Chano proved himself a revolutionary, bucking industry trends on his way to superstardom. That doesn’t mean he’s against paying homage to those who came before him, and that’s presumably why he’s issued this apology to Dre.

See an example of Chano dissing major record labels in the video just below. Check out what else Chano’s got to say on the matter in our gallery beneath that.