Boosie Badazz tried to replicate Trouble’s pool party that had the internet in shambles last week. You know, the one with Alexis Skyy and the cucumber challenge… Need I say more? Anyhow, Boosie hosted a topless pool party of his own and from the recap he shared, it was very lit. But given that Boosie is a magnet for criticism, he seemed to get a lot of hate over the pool party. While he typically posts videos of his rants, this time, he hit the Notes app to let off a lengthy statement.

“Everybody who got something to say about my Boosie Estates topless pool party can ‘SUCK A DICK N DIE,'” he wrote. “Yall bad built bitches just mad y’all wasn’t there n YALL n***as just mad cause y’all girl n baby mommas was there LIT.”

But Boosie’s rant wasn’t just towards the people who weren’t invited. It was towards a world that has doubted him for so long. From his humble beginnings, he’s managed to become Southern rap royalty and worked damn hard to get to the position he’s in today.

“WHY R U MAD CAUSE IM LIVING [!!] DO U KNOW MY STRUGGLE? I WORKED HARD FOR EVERYTHING I GOT [!!] IM FROM CDT WE TURN UP WITH NOTHING, SO HOW U THANK WE GO ACT ON 70 acres stupid MFS. N y’all sayin I need a woman mind ya biz,” he continued before diving into a sub-rant about why he doesn’t trust women.

At the end of the day, the moral of the story is “MIND YA BUIZNESS.”

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