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BADBOYBANGERZ – Heartless [Song] @badboybangerz

Toronto Artist BadBoyBangerz releases another hit titled “Heartless”. The track talks about repping Toronto with his fellow brothers and speaks upon the hard times they’ve faced growing up in the great but tough city. Bangerz also mentions his struggle after being stabbed multiple times on New Year’s Day which left him with life threatening injuries; thankfully he was able to recover quicker than expected and got back to making his music. “Heartless” goes on to talk about a current situation that Bangers is facing; charges which landed him on house arrest for the last 7 months. Though this has put a major slow down to his music production, he still continues to keep spirits high and prays that those supporting his music continue supporting to help get him heard in and outside of his city Toronto.
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” Heartless “
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