The MVP of the MPC is gearing up for a new project at the end of the week. Over the past several years, it seemed that he was working with just about everyone in hip hop. A$AP Rocky and the Mob to Azealia Banks to Slaughterhouse, Danny Brown and more have sought out the Rhode Island producer for his unique sound. He effortlessly blends electronic music with hip hop while pushing the boundaries of both genres. Today, he continues to do so as he delivers another cut off of his EP, “Selda” co-produced by veteran producer, !llmind.

“Selda” is a masterful mix of both producers strengths. While the sample used in the song sounds like something !llmind would do on his solo work, araabMuzik comes through with his incredibly strong drums to back it up. The production features a Turkish vocal sample that the two flipped into a trap banger. Along with some soft keys and strings lying in the background of the beat, it’s a single that’s bound to grab your attention. The interesting thing with both araabMuzik and !llmind is that the two of them almost create a separate world around their production. “Selda” is a great example of that. For four and a half minutes, you’re drawn into this stormy and dark world that they’ve created. This is one of two songs on the project that !llmind has co-produced.

It’s looking like he’s going to have another heavy project under his belt. We premiered “Wanted” featuring Nevella Viracoche, which served as the first single off of the project. And along with this song, araabMuzik is showing good signs for his upcoming EP.

Check the ONEofONE tracklist below:

  1. Disco
  2. Lock & Load ft. Nevelle Viracocha (Co-Produced by !llmind)
  3. Madonna ft. Yo Trane
  4. Selda (Co-Produced by !llmind)
  5. Wanted ft. Nevelle Viracocha
  6. Planets