6ix9ine’s built a career off of controversy. Whether it’s his pending case or his multiple beefs, he’s managed to translate his headline grabbing actions into a full-blown career in the rap game. For the most part, he’s predominantly beefed with other rappers. However, it looks like he’s expanding his list of enemies into the sports world.

Adrien Broner sent out a message to 6ix9ine after the controversial rapper commented “clown” underneath the boxer’s post. Broner posted a picture of himself standing next to Charlamagne Tha God. 6ix9ine has had issues with Charlamagne since his interview on the Breakfast Club a few weeks a go. Of course, Broner didn’t take lightly to being called a “clown” by 6ix9ine and clapped back in an Instagram video.

“Aye 6ix9ine, don’t be commenting no fuck shit under my pictures, boy. Talkin’ bout clown, n*gga. The only thing with a red nose from where I’m from is a pitbull, n*gga.” Broner said, “And I get to New York this week, n*gga. Mothafucka done pull up on you, n*gga. I ain’t one of these rap n*ggas you be trollin’ with. Quit playin wit’ me.”

@6ix9ine_ bitch ass nigga better chill out #OnGod #ThisAintThat

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