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21 Talks Amber Rose, “ISSA” And More


“I ain’t talked to Wiz yet,” he says “it ain’t no disrespect though. Wiz is a great father, I ain’t tryna take nothing away from what Wiz do but if you gon’ be with a woman you gon’ have to accept her kids just like she gon’ have to accept my kids, but I’m not on no step-daddy sh*t.”

He goes on to discuss his new album ISSA which dropped today as well as Jay-Z’s album 4:44 and the shots he took at “money-phone” rappers. “He used to got his gold rope!” says 21, claiming that if Jay-Z were on the come up now he would likely be leading a similar trend as the “money-phone” rappers.

Take a look at the entire interview here.