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Juelz Santana – Mr. Weedman Feat. Snoop & Wiz @thejuelzsantana @SnoopDogg @wizkhalifa


Juelz Santana, Snoop Dogg, & Wiz Khalifa link up for 4/20 anthem “Mr. Weedman.”


“I got that green, I got that orange, the purp, the kush, the trainwreck, AK47, Obama, whatever you need.”Everyone’s waiting for the man with the bag. “Mr. Weedman” finds Juelz, Snoop, & Wiz paying homage to the most potent strains, speaking with more admiration than you might hear in some love songs. It’s 4/20, so doubtless this trio is high right now, rolling up something, possibly the aforementioned Obama. The beat is light and bouncy, and each rapper spits a sixteen making their case for the titular “Mr. Weedman” status. But really, how can that honor not go to Uncle Snoop?